Below are listed a number of the ministries our church supports:

Valley Pregnancy Center: Our local Christian ministry to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Institute for Principle Studies: a Christian research and educational organization performing research, analysis, and teaching from a biblical perspective.

Mission to the World: Our denomination’s world wide church planting organization, committed to the establishment, growth, and maturity of the church.

Charl Van Wyk: a Christian missionary, author and activist in Africa.

Brad Dacus and the Pacific Justice Institute: Christian attorney defending religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties without charge.

California Right to Life: a non profit (501c-3) nonsectarian organization with the express purpose of protecting and encouraging respect for all innocent human life.

Vula Rushdoony with Macedonian Outreach: a Christian, charitable association run by volunteers, whose work is restricted to the Balkan Peninsula located in Southeastern Europe. It focuses its efforts in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, but responds to the needs of the other Balkan countries when asked.

Verne Teyler with Hosanna Pathways: Hosanna’s mission is to provide research, services, and support which will enhance individual, family home and quality of life, with particular emphasis on the safety, stability, and permanency for children and their families.

Jeremy and Gina Sink: Missionaries to Nagoya, Japan.