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Vula P. Rushdoony
The Macedonian Outreach


In 1989 Haig and Vula Rushdoony had both retired, Vula from a corporate career with in the food industry and Haig from a teaching career. They had a love for the Balkans since Vula was born in Greece and Haig’s family was from the state of Van in Armenia. The Rushdoonys searched the scriptures to seek out God’s will for their lives. Acts 16:9-10, which says “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” convicted them and in 1989, Haig and Vula Rushdoony formed The Macedonian Outreach. They focused on meeting the physical needs of people in the Balkans by providing food, clothing, medicines and monetary aid, education and medical treatment and on meeting their spiritual needs by distribution of Bibles and Christian literature and assisting local Christian pastors and workers. From the humble beginnings at the Rushdoony’s kitchen table the work has grown to a $600,000 per year ministry. Since 1989 the Rushdoonys have made more than 30 trips to the Balkans, most for four or five months at a time and launched hundreds of people from local churches on short term missions. The ministry has brought dozens of children with life threatening medical conditions to hospitals in the U.S. and Europe for medical treatment. Every year the Outreach ships about 6,000 pounds of clothing and medicines to the Balkans. Currently more than 200 children are being educated through the Outreach and the Outreach is supporting the work of nearly 20 local Balkan Pastors and Christian workers.